My name is Rick and I am a Portland Oregon based adventure photographer.  I specialize in white water kayaking, firefighting and the outdoors.  

I have had a camera in my hand since I was 13. My interest in photography peaked when I spent a summer in Denali National Park. When digital came onto the scene I jumped right in and haven't stopped photographing the world around me.

In 2013 I started BlackFire Photography and I shifted my focus to adrenaline sports. Sports like climbing, paddling, cycling or running. Whatever people were doing for fun away from the office I want to be there. It has been an awesome ride so far and the photography proves it!

In 2015 Natalie joined me on my adventures. We try to get out and just go explore what God has created. A year and a half into it and we are finding so many places to explore and share with everyone! Can't wait to see what our next weekend adventure will be!

2016 we added a 3rd adventurer to our party. Rogue! Our German Shorthair Pointer! What a stud and so fun to take on trips with us! He will start to be a part of the adventure photo gallery real soon!

BlackFire Photography really is about bringing the viewers into the action. Not everyone can rock climb, paddle or run and so I try and take them there through my camera. I try to take an upclose look so you can see the details of the splashing water or the strain on a climbers face. I value the same ideals with my landscape work. I try and take the viewer to the location through my camera. Again not everyone is going to be able to go to all the places I go to because of time, money or physical abilities.

I hope you have explored all the photographs I have taken for BlackFire Photography. I have enjoyed every shot and every shot has a story!

The Adrenaline Project

You've spent months getting your mind and body ready.

Double checking your gear to make sure it is all ready.

Your heart is pounding!

It's time to prove all the hard work was worth it!

Let BlackFire Photography show you what hard work looks like.

"Dare to live the life you have imagined."